4 Valentine's Day Bike Dates in Dublin

4 Valentine's Day Bike Dates in Dublin

So you’ve managed to get a date for Valentine’s Day, but now how do you make it special? A Valentine’s Day bike date in Dublin is the perfect way to share memorable moments with your date while also staying active. Here are four stellar Valentine’s day bike dates in Dublin that are sure to have your date swooning.

Liffey to St. Stephen’s

For the city adventurer, take a bike ride along the South side of the Liffey. Head south on Eustace St and make for Accents Coffee & Tea Lounge for a cuppa, or try the best hot chocolate in Dublin. Accents feels so much like a cosy living room, conversation is natural here.

After that, take a slow ride around the outskirts of St.Stephen’s green before making your way to one of the many art galleries surrounding the park, like the RHA Gallery. If you are feeling really old fashioned, the National Museum of Archaeology is nearby as well. There is so much to explore in the area!


Long walks on the beach are nice, but long bike rides on the beach are a bit better. The parking off Beach or Strand Rd is likely to be atrocious for Valentine’s Day, as lovers stroll the sand at sunset. So skip the hassle and bike there. You can enjoy a nice ride to Sandymount beach in no time, and skip stones or find a pretty shell to woo your date. After all that, you will still have plenty of time to catch those dinner reservations.

The Clocktower

Bike dates in Dublin can feel like something out of a movie. Nowhere is that more clear than when strolling by the clocktower at St. Anne’s. Biking through St. Anne’s is pictureque enough itself, though you may want to park the bikes and really take your time to smell the roses in St. Anne’s Garden. With your head full of flowers, head to the clocktower and act out your favorite (appropriate) romantic movie scene.

Phoenix park

This one is for the people who want it all. At over 700 hectares, Phoenix park could be the source of multiple bike dates in Dublin. If you have to limit it to one date, be sure to bring the bikes.

Phoenix park is a great way to spend some quality time with your date and really get to know them. At the southeast end, bring some sandwiches and nuzzle up for a picnic near the obelisk. After that, challenge your date to a race around the Magazine Fort (loser buys the drinks).

Make your way northwest towards the Papal cross and spend time counting deer and taking in the beauty of nature. Once you are done, take North Rd out of the park, which will conveniently put you right by the Hole in the Wall pub. Time to pay up for losing the race, bub.

Finish off the date with a new craft beer, or stick to a pint of the black stuff, and play a round of 20 questions. If that doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about your valentine…well, you could always go for a second date in the park.

And if you are preparing for your Valentine’s Day bike date in Dublin and realize your date doesn’t have a bike, don’t you worry. The crew at Bike Hire Dublin has you covered — for Valentine’s day or any other day that ends in “Y”.

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