5 Dublin Cycle Routes to take you out of the Norm

If you know Dublin, you know Dubliners LOVE cycling. The city has over 120 miles of track just for bikes. The tracks span and divide the beautiful city in a thousand different ways, leaving so many possible cycle routes in Dublin it can be a bit mind-boggling. Luckily, we’ve composed the top five Dublin cycle routes we have found that are sure to give you a different taste of the city from two wheels. Strawberry Beds

Most people are aware of Phoenix Park, Europe’s largest walled park and one of Dublin’s beauties. Plenty of cyclists find their way into Phoenix for a quick ride. But following the Liffey just outside of Phoenix Park will take you through the lesser-known Strawberry beds for a tranquil and relaxing ride.

Phoenix to Fort Lucan

Phoenix Park is well travelled by bike, and that is no secret. But it offers an additional route to Fort Lucan than can be well worth the trip through Phoenix. Start at the South eastern end of the Park, work your way through the strawberry beds, and push your way up to Fort Lucan. This route includes the same relaxing Strawberry beds route above, but adds a moderately challenging ride up the hill to Fort Lucan. The town is the perfect place to stop for some coffee, after catching your breath and enjoying the view from the hilltop.

Fairview to Sutton (With the optional Howth loop)

The path from Fairview to Sutton and back may be the easiest of the lot. The path is right along the sea, providing a rich view during the ten kilometer stroll each way.

For the avid cyclist, this is just the warm up. The Howth loop provides a challenging ride for even the most hardened cyclists, but the view is worth it-provided you have the right bike. One trip around the loop adds quite a stretch to the journey, but the warm up and cool down from the gentle beach bike trail can provide an ideal workout.

Grand Canal to Kilcock

The Grand Canal is hard to miss, and is known more for lazy days spent drifting down the Liffey than anything. But the Canal path can provide a unique experience for the dedicated biker. Riding the Canal from Dublin to Kilcock leaves you with a sense of going back in time. As you go farther and farther down the path, the city melts away and time seems to stand still just for you. Once you turn around though, expect the world to catch back up with you.

Ringsend Park to Blackrock

Taking the route out of Dublin from Ringsend to Blackrock features kilometers of straight coastline and an easy sea breeze to carry you most of the way. The R131 is your friend here, giving way to a beautiful bike trail right along the coast. If you aren’t feeling like riding back into the city, Blackrock has a train station ready and waiting for you.

Do it right

With any route, you always want to be certain you are prepared for the journey. Take as much gear as you need to keep your bike in good repair, and be sure to map out the route before you go and keep track on your phone or GPS. It’s easier to keep track of the route that way – plus it will give you more bragging rights at the pub later.

For the best maps of these routes and more, the crew at Bike Hire Dublin can help anytime. They have two ideal locations to rent a bike in Dublin, and are always stocked with more new cycling routes and tips to offer that come from hundreds of hours spent on the trails.

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